About Us

Our company was established in 2013 and specializes in producing precision mechanical parts. The products are widely used in fields such as optical communication, sensing, laser hybrid integrated circuits, medical devices, precision electronics, etc. The company has more than 30 Japanese Tsugami, Brother and other CNC lathes and machining center equipment, and is equipped with anime and other precision testing instruments. Processing materials include various types of stainless steel, aluminum alloys, copper, and other materials, with an annual production capacity of 10 million pieces. Adhering to the concept of "quality and efficiency are the first elements", we aim to establish a broad customer base for the enterprise




Special materials for brazing tools 23CrNi3Mn/25Si2MnCrNi2MoV; Domestic famous steel company supply; Stable performance, wear resistance and high hardness; Tungsten carbide alloy comes from Zhuzhou cemented carbide group, which has a great guarantee for drilling speed efficiency.

Our rock drilling tools can be used interchangeably with international brands; Such as: Atlas, Sandvik, Robit, Rockmore, Mincon, Rockhog and other well-known brands; Less than half their price, the quality can reach 96.5%

Henan Starockdrill can provide reasonable drilling suggestions according to the customer's project; Customize some non-standard products according to customer needs; If there is a quality problem with the product, please provide some details of the product picture and use, and we will reply within 48 hours. If customers have any questions, we will provide customers with perfect solutions until they are satisfied.

High-quality products, trusted by customers worldwide.